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Check out the screenshots. I have Flex 4.6 selected as default but the project template uses Apache Flex 4.8.


enter image description here enter image description here

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The project template is set to look for the highest, acceptable SDK.

To change this, go to your FDT preference folder in your home folder and change the value of the template (description.xml) from "_highest" to "_selected".

enter image description here

The the description.xml change:

<variable name="selectedSDK" label="Default SDK" default="_highest" type="sdk(3.6,4.9,1.5,4)" />    


<variable name="selectedSDK" label="Default SDK" default="_selected" type="sdk(3.6,4.9,1.5,4)" />                                   

The FDT wiki has more info on using project templates.

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