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I am trying to reset fields (selects and textboxes) in a partial. Here is what I have so far:

var $inputs = $('#StudentTable :select');
$inputs.each(function () { 
  if ($(this).name = "TeachingAsstSelect") { 
    $('select[name="TeachingAsstSelect"]').each(function () { 
  else { 

Here "TeachingAsstSelect" is being cleared, but other selects are not reset. Am I missing something? More importantly, Am I doing it the right way?

Thanks in advance

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It would be very useful for us to see your html as well. Maybe you could publish relevant parts on jsfiddle.net? –  Tomas Lycken Jul 31 '12 at 16:51

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If you are trying to test equality of a string, you should use == or ===. See here form more on that: JavaScript === vs == : Does it matter which "equal" operator I use?

Also, as @Raminson suggests, try use the attr() method instead.

if ($(this).attr('name') == "TeachingAsstSelect") { 

Or better yet, nesting .each() twice like that may not perform as well as other solutions.

I also notice that you are testing name in your if condition then using a jquery selector to match again on [name="TeachingAsstSelect"]. What about simplifying like this:

var $teachingAsstInputs = $('#StudentTable :select[name="TeachingAsstSelect"]');

var $otherInputs = $('#StudentTable :select').not('[name="TeachingAsstSelect"]');
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For jQuery objects you should use attr() method, name is one of the DOM Element properties.

Change this:

  if ($(this).name = "TeachingAsstSelect") { 


  if ($(this).attr('name') == "TeachingAsstSelect") { 

also note that for comparison you should use == operator, currently you are setting the value.

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