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I write an email client in python.i am using a webkit.Webview to display email body. it works fine but when emails use embedded images with a content id (cid), i can't display them.

email sample : Email sample


sample html code :

<P class="MsoNormal texte"><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial Narrow'"><o:p></o:p></SPAN><IMG src="cid:14EA9190EC0F1638D6625F23EE9AF0B0@LVN.LAN" width="710" height="5"><IMG class="banniere" src="cid:EF72F46B7E97F45065312BFB8571729F@LVN.LAN" width="710" height="710"> <BR><SPAN class=titre>Des sacs gonflés pour arpenter le parcours !<BR></SPAN></P>

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This won't work since most mail clients do not support data URLs.

Images must be referenced by fully-qualified URLS: <img src="http://..." /> and stored on a publicly-accessible server.

In fact most mail cloents don't even support stylesheets, so items such as class="MsoNormal texte" will not work. All styles should be inline.


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