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I developed a Windows 8 C# application using Visual Studio Express 2012 RC. I can run it on my pc. However, I want to create an executable so that my friends can also try the application. When I click the .exe file under bin/Release folder it says:

This application can only run in the context of an app container.

How can i create an app container manually or using Visual Studio 2012?

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See here.

You need a developer license to develop and test Metro style apps prior to certifying and deploying through the store. Visual Studio 2012 will automatically request a developer license when it is run for the first time. To get a developer license without Visual Studio run the show-WindowsDeveloperLicenseRegistration function in powershell:

Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) 2012
Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Show-WindowsDeveloperLicenseRegistration

For information on developer licenses see: Get a developer license (Metro style apps) To deploy the app, build a package in Visual Studio from the Store.Build Pacakage menu. Build it for local use. Copy the resulting package to the target machine and run the included Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 file. See also Sharing an app package locally. --Rob

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