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This problem is difficult to describe so i created a jsfiddle. You can see that the final item in the menu sticks out to the right, unlike the other menu items. This happens with other menu items if they take up more than one line.

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That's word-wrapping. Your text doesn't fit in the space provided. – Utkanos Jul 31 '12 at 17:10

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This is because the <a> element is display: inline; by default, so the border only appears at the end of the second line. Change #sidebar_all_pages a to display: block and the problem is solved. It unmasks another one though: The negative margin on #sidebar_all_pages li is too big. Reduce it to -10px to solve that one.

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That works great, thanks. I only thought of inspecting the li item, i hadn't considered the a element. – garethdn Jul 31 '12 at 17:17

How about wrapping the text in a span with following css rule:



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text-align: right means the text is, well, right-aligned. This means thet the right edge of everey line of text will stick to the right inner edge of its container.

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