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According to the documentation, both Region and Pane will resize any resizable child nodes to their preferred size, but will not reposition them.

So i can't see where the differencies between these two containers remain and when use one or another.

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Region is a superclass for components which wants to have child nodes.

The difference is that Region doesn't allow to manipulate it's children through API: Region.getChildren() method is protected, so you can't just use it:

new Region().getChildren().add(...); // doesn't compile
new Pane().getChildren().add(...); // works

Why is that?

Because Region is dedicated for component developers and allows them to choose if they want to allow API users to work with children directly (like Pane, HBox, etc) or not (like charts)

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Crystal clear and precise answer, thanx a lot. –  QuidNovi Jul 31 '12 at 19:29

I don't think it is correct. Here is snippet from source code of Chart() which is inherited from Region.

public Chart() {

    getChildren().addAll(titleLabel, chartContent);


And it used getChildren().addAll(...).

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