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I have a simple grammar which parses a verilog concatenation:

scalar = (Optional(Word(nums + "_") + "'" + oneOf("d h b")) + Word(nums + "_")).setName("Scalar")
operator = oneOf("+ - * /").setName("Operator")
identifier = Word(alphas, alphanums+"_").setName("Identifier")
expr = (scalar | identifier) + ZeroOrMore(operator + (scalar | identifier))
range = expr + ":" + expr
index = "[" + range + "]"
single_netref = (identifier + Optional(index)).setName("Single Net Reference")
lbracket = Literal("{").setName("Left Bracket").setDebug()
rbracket = Literal("}").setName("Left Bracket").setDebug()
concat_netref = (lbracket + single_netref + ZeroOrMore( Suppress( "," ) + single_netref ) + rbracket).setName("Net Concatination Reference")

If I parse the string "{ LegacyStatus3gPreStageQ1 , LegacyData3gPreStageQ1 }" using the parseString method, it parses just fine; however, I want to match either a concatenation of net references or a single net reference. To do this, I have tried:

netref = MatchFirst(concat_netref, single_netref).setName("Net Reference").setDebug()

However, this (and using Or()) always skips the last rbracket, but says it successfully matched the netref. This was my debug output:

Match Net Reference at loc 0(1,1)
Match Left Bracket at loc 0(1,1)
Matched Left Bracket -> ['{']
Match Single Net Reference at loc 1(1,2)
Matched Single Net Reference -> ['LegacyStatus3gPreStageQ1']
Match Single Net Reference at loc 28(1,29)
Matched Single Net Reference -> ['LegacyData3gPreStageQ1']
Matched Net Reference -> ['{', 'LegacyStatus3gPreStageQ1', 'LegacyData3gPreStageQ1']

Why does adding the MatchFirst() element cause the rbracket to be missed?

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MatchFirst should be passed a list of expressions.


netref = MatchFirst(concat_netref, single_netref).setName("Net Reference")


netref = MatchFirst([concat_netref, single_netref]).setName("Net Reference")
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Wow, I missed that. <face-plant> Thanks for the help! –  Peter Lieber Jul 31 '12 at 18:38
Another reason I encourage pyparsing users to write this as (concat_netref | single_netref).setName("Net Reference"). –  Paul McGuire Jul 31 '12 at 19:02

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