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What's the suggested way to execute an anonymous function in PHP similar to how Javascript provides this possibility?


(function(){ console.log('Hello!'); })();

Trying the same in PHP yields a syntax error for the parameters opening bracket. I've found a way around this problem by "mis-using" call_user_func():


call_user_func(function(){ echo "Hello!"; });

But the PHP documentation (update: the German version of the docs) explicitly says the first parameter to call_user_func() should be a string... So I'm not sure if my solution is supposed to work correct (however, it does for the moment).

The purpose behind this solution - similar to the reason why you would do it the same way in JavaScript - is to not pollute the global namespace for some added functionality. This script is auto-prepended for all scripts on the whole server and should be hidden wrt global namespace and global scope. It's not meant to be invisible - just keep symbols out of the namespace.

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But the PHP documentation explicitly says the first parameter to call_user_func() should be a string

No it doesn't.

mixed call_user_func ( callable $callback [, mixed $parameter [, mixed $... ]] )

The first parameter is of type callable, so your code is perfectly valid :)

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Ah this sheds light into the darkness: The German version of the documentation is not up-to-date and still shows "string" as the type... Damn. :-) –  hurikhan77 Jul 31 '12 at 17:47
@Kristian: Thank you. All positive edits are welcomed :) –  Second Rikudo Jul 31 '12 at 17:52
happy to help.. –  Kristian Jul 31 '12 at 21:10

Your solution is appropriate. The first argument to call_user_func should be a callable, a type which includes closures.

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