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I have this code for a .jsp page:

<div class="portletBody">
<h:form id="editSectionForm"  onsubmit="return numCheck(document.forms[0].elements['editSectionForm:sectionTable:0:maxEnrollmentInput'].id)">

    <sakai:flowState bean="#{editSectionBean}"/>

    <t:aliasBean alias="#{viewName}" value="editSection">
        <%@ include file="/inc/navMenu.jspf"%>

    <h3><h:outputText value="#{msgs.edit_section_page_header}"/></h3>

    <%@ include file="/inc/globalMessages.jspf"%>

    <t:aliasBean alias="#{bean}" value="#{editSectionBean}">
        <%@ include file="/inc/sectionEditor.jspf"%>

    <t:div styleClass="act">
            onclick="reEnableLimits();" />

        <h:commandButton action="overview" value="#{msgs.cancel}" immediate="true" />

and I have some javascript code that runs in the /inc/sectionEditor.jspf file. In some of that code in the sectionEdtior file, I need to somehow grab the id of this form. editSectionForm. I can't hard code it because the /inc/sectionEditor.jspf code runs in more than one page.

So pretty much, I need the javascript code in /inc/sectionEditor.jspf to be able to grab the id of the form it is currently in.


If I'm in the editSectionForm page, it'll tell me that im in that page, if I'm in addSection Form page, it'll tell me that I'm on that page.

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Since what you're looking for happens on the client and not the server, show your HTML output. Your Java code is irrelevant. –  Diodeus Jul 31 '12 at 17:57

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I'm not sure I fully understand the question. Are you trying to get the current page you are in, as in the url?


Or do you have multiple forms on the same page?

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I actually figured out another way for my situation. For anyone that's ever used Sakai, they know the beast that it is.

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I see you already use document.forms[0] in your jsp page, so, making assumption there is one form only, you may use the same construction inside a script section of your 'subpages' also, i.e. using document.forms[0].id will give you the id of the form.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <form id="editSectionForm">
            <div id="sectionEditor">
                <script type="text/javascript">
                    var formId = document.forms[0].id;
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