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I'm trying to extract all the form inputs, which their type is text.

My problem is, at least in Chrome, that's an input tag, without the type attribute specified, is rendered as text.

How can I find all the tags which their type is no specified, or it's value is text with simple html dom?

My current:

foreach ($form->find('input[type=text]') as $input)
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I'm afraid you might have to do this:

foreach ($form->find('input') as $input){

Unless the parser can use this type of selector: input[type=''],input[type=text]

In JQuery, that would select all elements with either no type or type equals to text.

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Read this

Grabbing hidden inputs as a string (Using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser)

I am not sure but try this

$html->find('input[type=text]', 0);
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Your example just picks the nth element. Anyway, I decided to just iterate the whole inputs and check for their type, if it's text, or if it's empty. Thanks for your help. –  Tyymo Jul 31 '12 at 19:07

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