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My Html looks like this:

        <a href="#" id="QuoteTest">Click Here</a>
            <li title="this" style="position:relative">one</li>
            <li title="this" style="position:relative">two</li>
            <li title="tha't" style="position:relative" >three</li>
            <li title="tha't" style="position:relative">four</li>


$('a#QuoteTest').click(function() {
    $('li[title=this]').animate({ 'left': '+=40px' }, 'slow');
    $("li[title=tha't]").animate({ 'top': '+=40px' }, 'slow');

I can't get the selector to work with a single quote in it. I tried escaping the quote with a, "\", backslash but that didn't help.

Any ideas on what is proffered way?

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Try two

$("li[title=tha\\'t]").animate({ 'top': '+=40px' }, 'slow');

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Thanks. Should have tried that b/f I posted... – orandov Jul 23 '09 at 21:44

None of these worked for me in IE, so I had to use filter():

    return $(this).attr("title") == "tha\'t"; 
.animate({ 'top':'+=40px' }, 'slow');
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I think you need a double backslash, oddly enough. Something about how jQuery escapes those strings. So you'd have:

$("li[title=tha\\'t]").animate({ 'top': '+=40px' }, 'slow');

That's been the case in other situations. Let me know if that works this time.

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