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Destroy or unset session when user close the browser without clicking on logout

I am implementing a chat script for my client. The problem I am facing is, if the user logs out, I can program to end his chat status to offline, as the status is set to 1 when the user logs in, but I am confused about, what if the user close the browser without logging out. In this case the status in the db remains 1 as the user hasn't logged out.

Hope you understand the question. Please help.

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Assuming you are using cookie-based sessions, set the timeout very aggressively.


You could also hook into the browser's unload event via JavaScript, and trigger a quick AJAX-request to your server that destroys the session.


I wouldn't rely on this client-side implementation, though - if the browser crashes, or the user force-closes it, that may not trigger the event. The browser itself may also limit how long it will give an onunload event to complete, in consideration of the user. A combination of these two methods would probably be the most effective.

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May be This is what I was seeking for... But I am not sure if it works... The second one.. Thanks for prompt help! –  Anwar Jul 31 '12 at 18:26

Set the user offline in the database when the session cookie expires or after a certain time of inactivity.

You can check this on every request.

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