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After upgrading OS X from Lion to Mountain Lion, I receive the following warning whenever I open an R file:

Please, set the variable 'g:vimrplugin_term_cmd' in your .vimrc.^@Read the plugin documentation for details.

Any idea why this doesn't work? What's changes in Lion to make the plugin OS X not be able to find Terminal?

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Looks like Jakson has updated vimr to use Terminal. You can also solve the issue by upgrading to his latest version. See github.com/jcfaria/Vim-R-plugin/issues/14 for details. –  yoni Aug 2 '12 at 18:14

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After looking at the R Vim plugin documentation, it seems that the default values for vimrplugin_term on OS X are not the same as those in Mountain Lion.

Adding the following line to your .vimrc should solve the problem:

let vimrplugin_term = "/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app/Contents/MacOS/Terminal"
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