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Could anyone recommend a good BAML Decompiler / Viewer besides BAML Viewer plugin for Reflector, which doesn't handle path geometry/data?

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You might like to have another look at the BAML addin for reflector as it's been recently updated by Andrew Smith. Have a look at his at blog post you'll note that he has fixed the issue with path data.

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You can try this one by Cristian Ricciolo Civera.

I did not want to use its ClickOnce installer, but the CodePlex site provides a zip file for download.

I had to place Ricciolo.StylesExplorer.exe and Ricciolo.StylesExplorer.MarkupReflection.dll into GAC to make it work. I guess that is what the installation does in the first place.

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BAML source can be viewed in ILSpy.
Just load your compiled managed code, find and click on the *.baml file you will see the source.

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styles explorer

Haven't tried it myself yet but worth a try

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