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In MongoDB 2.0.6, when attempting to store documents or query documents that contain string fields, where the value of a string include characters outside the BMP, I get a raft of errors like: "Not proper UTF-16: 55357", or "buffer too small"

What settings, changes, or recommendations are there to permit storage and query of multi-lingual strings in Mongo, particularly ones that include these characters above 0xFFFF?


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Can you post the exact errors you're getting? Also, what driver are you using to access MongoDB? (This could easily be a driver error.) – William Z Jul 31 '12 at 20:55
The longer form error looks like this: com.mongodb.CommandResult$CommandFailure: command failed [command failed [mapreduce] { "serverUsed" : "" , "assertion" : "Not proper UTF-16: 55356" , "assertionCode" : 13498 , "errmsg" : "db assertion failure" , "ok" : 0.0} – Eli Jul 31 '12 at 23:48
Clearly, by the way, I should have reference UTF-16 in my question. The code it's complaining about is D83C, which I'm fairly sure is the high code of a UTF-16 surrogate pair for something in a supplementary code plane. – Eli Jul 31 '12 at 23:50
According to the dependencies.groovy file in the MongoDB-GORM plugin, it's using the MongoDB Java driver version 2.7.1 ... compile("org.mongodb:mongo-java-driver:2.7.1",,excludes) ... – Eli Jul 31 '12 at 23:53
Digging into the MongoDB code, I see that this error message is coming from Spider Monkey, upon failure of JS_EncodeCharacters, on or about line 205 in mongo/scripting/engine_spidermonkey.cpp. Thanks for checking on this, @WilliamZ – Eli Aug 1 '12 at 14:55
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There are several issues here:

1) Please be aware that MongoDB stores all documents using the BSON format. Also note that the BSON spec referes to a UTF-8 string encoding, not a UTF-16 encoding.


2) All of the drivers, including the JavaScript driver in the mongo shell, should properly handle strings that are encoded as UTF-8. (If they don't then it's a bug!) Many of the drivers happen to handle UTF-16 properly, as well, although as far as I know, UTF-16 isn't officially supported.

3) When I tested this with the Python driver, MongoDB could successfully load and return a string value that contained a broken UTF-16 code pair. However, I couldn't load a broken code pair using the mongo shell, nor could I store a string containing a broken code pair into a JavaScript variable in the shell.

4) mapReduce() runs correctly on string data using a correct UTF-16 code pair, but it will generate an error when trying to run mapReduce() on string data containing a broken code pair.

It appears that the mapReduce() is failing when MongoDB is trying to convert the BSON to a JavaScript variable for use by the JavaScript engine.

5) I've filed Jira issue SERVER-6747 for this issue. Feel free to follow it and vote it up.

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Excellent. Thank you @WilliamZ for looking into this. – Eli Aug 12 '12 at 14:17

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