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I'm delegating an attribute in my current class called 'dbc' as a DBIx::Connector so that I can call $self->dbc->dbh from inside methods, however I'm not really understanding some behaviors I'm seeing when calling the 'errstr' method on the DBI::db instance:


eval {

$self->log->warn("Warning SQL error: $dbh->errstr") if ($@);

returns WARN - Warning SQL error: DBI::db=HASH(0xaf43130)->errstr

However, this works, and returns a proper error string:

eval {

        my $errstr = $dbh->errstr;
        $self->log->warn("Warning SQL error: $errstr");

What's happening here?

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Perl doesn't interpolate method calls inside double-quoted strings. $dbh->errstr is calling a method. Try:

$self->log->warn("Warning SQL error: " . $dbh->errstr) if $@;
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You're trying to interpolate a function call in a string.

Try concatenating the warning string with function call.

$self->log->warn("Warning SQL error: ".$dbh->errstr) if ($@);

This part of the error: DBI::db=HASH(0xaf43130)

is the address of the db handle.

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