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I am trying to add review part for a restaurant page, I have used hidden_fiedd to pass the restauran_id to the review#new page, but when I submit the review, it doesn't assign the restaurant_id to review and it is causing problems.

in create action in reviews_controller I have: @review = Review.new.

Parameters: {"review"=>{"score"=>"", "email"=>"", "restaurant_id"=>"471746462", 
"first_name"=>"", "content"=>"", "last_name"=>""}, 
"utf8"=>"✓", "commit"=>"Post Review",

but when I try to get restaurant from the parameter, it says nil.

@restaurant = Restaurant.find_by_id(@review.restaurant_id)


@restaurant = Restaurant.find(params[:restaurant_id])


SELECT "restaurants".* FROM "restaurants" WHERE "restaurants"."id" IS NULL LIMIT 1
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@restaurant = Restaurant.find(params[review][:restaurant_id])

Instead of :

@restaurant = Restaurant.find(params[:restaurant_id])

If you check the params hash, you will see that restaurant_id is a nested parameter inside review.

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