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I want this line of code to work-

int start = s.IndexOf(""_type": "Person""name": "");

But clearly the double quotes are messing up the search... Any ideas about how to get this working?

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Not sure what you're trying to do here. Can you show which strings you want to search on/in? – casperOne Jul 31 '12 at 20:14
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You can take two approaches to this.

The first is by using a string-literal and escaping double-quotes with another double quote:

string s = @"This is a ""quoted"" string.";
s.IndexOf(@"a ""quoted"" string");

The other is to escape the double-quotes with a backslash:

string s = "This is a \"quoted\" string.";
s.IndexOf("a \"quoted\" string");
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So what you want to do is escape the string? Try this:

   int start = s.IndexOf(@"this ""word"" is escaped");
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If you want to use a double-quote in a string, one way is to escape it with a backslash. \

string myString = "This is a string \" with a double quote";
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I'm assuming you want to run IndexOf() on the entire string, including the quotes inside? All you have to do is use both types of quotes: ' ' and " ". As long as you use one to designate the main string and the other to designate sub-strings, it should work, i.e. something like: s.IndexOf(' "_type": "Person""name": " ');

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