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I am having strange things happen when using PHP LDAP

my username and password will authenticate correctly but if I just enter in an username with no password it also returns true. If I type my username with the wrong password it will fail properly. Below are the responses my code gets.

//Code Wrong Password
$login = ldap_bind( $ds, "Username", "WrongPass" ); 

Warning: ldap_bind(): Unable to bind to server: Invalid credentials in /var/www/sksinternal/httpdocs/LoginCredentials.php on line 36 bool(false) 

//Code correct Password
$login = ldap_bind( $ds, "Username", "CorrectPass" ); 


//Code No Password
$login = ldap_bind( $ds, "Username", "" ); 


Centos 5 connecting to Windows 2008 server (Active Directory)

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Does this help? – Matt Jul 31 '12 at 20:35
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There are three types of simple BIND:

  • anonymous
  • unauthenticated
  • authenticated

Use of the name with zero-length password is an unauthenticated BIND. The LDAP standards documents state that the name is to be used for 'tracing purposes' and cannot be used for authentication, therefore, no authentication has taken place.

Modern, professional-quality servers have an option to reject unauthenticated simple BIND requests because no authentication takes place. This may not be the case with your server.

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