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Hi I seem to be having a problem with IE8 loading the stylesheet everything works well in IE9 but when I try it on IEteste it looks like it didn't load the stylesheet.Here is the links to the website:

website link

How can this be fixed?

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You have a script tag for analytical purposes placed outside of the HTML tag. It needs to ideally be within the BODY tags. This is throwing a HTML validation error. That could be the cause of it.


As someone mentioned, you might need some additional JavaScript to get IE < 9 working with HTML5 elements (tags). IE in versions lower than 9 don't understand many of these tags, so applying styles to them will do nothing. It simply fails silently.

Check this page for the code and information about this: http://code.google.com/p/html5shim/

Once applying your CSS, you may also need to style many of these elements with display: block as many are inline by default.

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You don't seem to be including the html5 javascript shiv for older browsers:


I'd also move that trailing script inside the /body tag.

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