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I recently tried out Microsoft's TFS-in-the-cloud service ( and felt the TFS team finally 'gets it'. might switch us from GIT+bug tracker+powershell as the integrated workflow actually works (continuous deployment is GREAT!).

Well, almost. Our "one project" test on works great for continuous deployment but our 'real' source controls looks like


Question: How can I express the following to's portal/VS2012?

  • Everything in root must be version controlled in TFS
  • But only ProjectC should be enrolled in Azure's continuous deployment

Continuous deployment currently tries to deploy the entire root to Azure and sure enough, fails. On a side note, it would be nice if they enabled continuous deployment for GIT for Azure Cloud services too (not just for Azure Web sites as right now)

Thanks Sid

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This is something that has actually been discussed via the online forums at the TFS Deployment to Windows Azure forums.

Specifically, a MS representative has indicated that this is currently not supported (see Continuous deployment with multiple cloud projects in solution), but is something that they need to provide a solution for.

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Here is a possible workaround that will make you feel like bathing.


  • Only the main branch (Root) appears to be deployed on check-in.
  • Merge to Root when you want to deploy.
  • Never merge Solution1 back to Root.
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