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I just started my C language and I came to this error. I tried to look up online but other threads contain ARRAY which I am not familiarize with.

int main(void){

    char input;
    printf("ASCII testing\n");
    scanf( "%d", &input); //the error occurs here but would like to know the solution

    printf("answer is : %c\n" , input);

    return 0;

"Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'input' was corrupted."

Simple point-out will be much appreciated


Well I would like to enter value "66" so that the outcome would be B. The scanf("%c , &input) accepts 1 keystroke from the keyboard so that's not what I am looking for. But nevertheless, thank you for the replies

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The %d format specifier in scanf() requires a pointer to an int variable, not a pointer to a char. Try:

int input;
scanf( "%d", &input);
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lol thanks it's working. Thank you very much! – Wai Chin Jul 31 '12 at 22:34

The Problem

%d is the format specifier for integer input, leading the compiler to assume that &input points to an integer rather than a character.

scanf( "%d", &input);

should be

scanf( "%c", &input);

Why this corrupts the stack

The reason for the corrupted stack is that input is allocated on the stack, and scanf assumes it occupies 4 bytes (on a 32 bit platform) rather than the 1 byte actually allocated on the stack. As a result, other things on the stack (other variables, return address, ...) are overwritten.

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