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What's the easiest way to review the order of a DataTable?

    ' Clean Table
    dtRows.Columns.Add("date", GetType(DateTime))
    For Each row In dtRows.Rows
        row("date") = DateTime.Parse(row(0).ToString.Replace("""", ""))

    ' Remove Old Col

    ' Sort
    dtRows.DefaultView.Sort = "date ASC"

Is doing nothing for me, so I'd rather just have a loop reverse it.

I've tried recreating a new column with the DateTime Type and removing the old column and sorting by that, it just isn't working for me.

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The easiest way to view the DataTable sorted is to use a DataView.

 Dim dv As DataView = dtRows.DefaultView

The dtRows.DefaultView.Sort = "date ASC" will set the default sort if you set it before creating the DataView. To scan through the dataview, you would use the following:

For Each row As DataRowView In dv
  'Do something
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