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I am new in ios development and currently i am having a problem trying to execute a method from a loaded class.


I have a class named "TV_kid", TV_kid will load another class named "Cable_kid" that contain a nib file.

That part is not the problem, the issues is that I now need to execute a method using a button on the Cable_kid nib once TV_kid load it.

I though that it would be as simple connecting and coding the method in the .h/.m files of the Cable_kid class but i keep getting this error "Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (Code=2, address=0x18)" without more details.

any idea or suggestion

This is how i am loading the Cable_kid class into a scrollview on TV_Kid

Note: loadSection is just a plist with a number of item

    id temp;
    int i=0;

    for(temp in loadSection){

       Cable_kid *cableKid = [[Cable_kid alloc]init];

       [TV_kid_container addSubview:cableKid.view];


this will load a number of panel into the TV_kid Contanier with the Cable_kid nib class and functionality...but the problem is that the buttons of the loaded panels don't execute the method connected on the Cable_kid can i execute a method once the panels load???


Here is a coded sample project that illustrate my actual problem

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Show the code that loads Cable_kid. (Should I assume that Cable_kid and TV_kid are both view controllers?) – Phillip Mills Aug 1 '12 at 1:04
Thanks for your interest Phillis...i have updated my question..hope you can help me. – sasa sasa Aug 1 '12 at 1:22
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Don't do this at all:

[TV_kid_container addSubview:cableKid.view];

Either put that view inside TV_kid_container's view in the first place as a subview or turn TV_kid_container into a real container view controller by using the parent/child controller methods in UIViewController. (E.g. addChildViewController:.)

Apple has a good video on this from the 2011 WWDC:

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was not the answer that i was looking for....but you mentioned a nice point that help the to avoid the use of UIViewController as subviews – sasa sasa Aug 19 '12 at 1:45

I don't think your Cable_kit's view has been initialised.

Use initWithNibName:bundle instead of init

Cable_kid *cableKid = [[Cable_kid alloc] initWithNibName:name bundle:bundle];

[TV_kid_container addSubview:cableKid.view];

Or - (void)loadView

Cable_kid *cableKid = [[Cable_kid alloc] init];
[cableKid loadView];

[TV_kid_container addSubview:cableKid.view];
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Hi Michael...everything is loading PERFECTLY...I initialized the nib on the master class with super init...the problem is when the class is loaded and i click on the any of the buttons of the panels loaded it does not execute the give the error stated before...keep in mind that i am loading multiples panels into an scrollView...Thanks! – sasa sasa Aug 1 '12 at 2:06

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