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I have a table in MySQL with below Structure

left_id        (fk to user_mst->user_id)
right_id       (fk to user_mst->user_id)

Now I want to select the records the way that suppose,

user_id = 1 
left_id = 2
right_id = 3

Now if I query records using User ID = 1, it should print user names that has ID 2 and 3.

Sorry for the question updating, I would like to print the 2 separate records for left_id and right_id.

So How can I do that ?

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FROM users u1
JOIN users u2 ON u2.user_id IN (u1.left_id, u1.right_id)
WHERE u1.user_id  = 1 
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This is the best solution. Only does one join and handles the case of a record like 2, 2, 3 such that a left node can have only a right child or vice versa such that 2, 3, 2 will be displayed. –  Shawn Aug 1 '12 at 1:24

Something like this might work

SELECT user_name, u1.user_name as LeftUser, u2.user_name as RightUser
FROM user_mst u0
LEFT OUTER JOIN user_mst u1 on u1.user_id = u0.left_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN user_mst u2 on u2.user_id = u0.right_id
WHERE user_id = ?
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