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I have a devise registrations_controller whose create method redirects the user after a couple of trials. The trouble is I am using the same create method for a dedicated registrations page and a lightbox registration. The lightbox calls the create method using an ajax call and the redirection is creating trouble.

I haven't done much in the create method other than calling super. How do I tell devise not to redirect if an ajax call made to it ?


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To prevent the redirect, you can build a custom failure app:

 class CustomFailureApp < Devise::FailureApp

  def respond    
    unless request.format.to_sym == :html
      redirect_to redirect_url

   def http_auth 
      self.status         = 401
      self.content_type   = 'json'
      self.response_body  = {
        :error => 'NO MORE REDIRECT',
        :status => 401

Configure Warden to use this failure app in the devise initializer:

    Devise.setup do |config|


  # ==> Warden configuration
  # If you want to use other strategies, that are not (yet) supported by Devise,
  # you can configure them inside the config.warden block.
  config.warden do |manager|
    manager.failure_app = CustomFailureApp

Here's a reference:

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