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Right now I’m using the following route:


I’m trying to shortening to:


By using the next code in Global.asax.cs:

public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)

        new { controller = "MiniSites", action = "Index", code = "" },

But I get the Error:

“The resource cannot be found.”

Please help.

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If this //localhost/Ancora/MiniSites/Index/Lilly is working then it must be calling the action method MiniSites in the controller Ancora and passing it Index and Lilly as parameters. If you want //LocalHost/Ancora/Lilly to map to the first URL try the following code:

    new { controller = "Ancora", action = "MiniSites", param1 = "Index", param2 = "Lilly" }

where param1 and param2 are the names of the parameters to the action method MiniSites in the Ancora Controller.

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