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I'm trying to use the iframe version of the Facebook Registration plug-in on my website, but I'm having problems with the redirection target.

On my site, I have an iframe in the middle of the page; when the user clicks 'register', I want the iframe to navigate to the redirect_uri, leaving the browser on my site. I was under the impression that this could be accomplished by changing the "target" attribute, as described here in the attributes table:

It seems as though the default, target="_top", should cause the browser window to navigate to the redirect_uri, while setting target="_self" should cause only the iframe to navigate to the redirect_uri. However, nothing I do seems to change this default behavior.

Here's the code for the iframe (app ID and redirect URI redacted)

<iframe src="

For the target line, I've also tried encoding quotation marks:


A few other questions address this issue, but it hasn't been adequately answered.

Here, the bug link is invalid:

Here, there are no answers:

And here, one answer suggests that the target attribute is broken when using pre-filled info, which is not documented and doesn't seem to make any sense:

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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did you get any hint on this issue ?? – Alfreddd Sep 23 '12 at 17:54

Did you try to set a name for your frame and then referring to the name in the target?

<iframe name = "fbplugin" 
  src = "
         client_id = MY_APP_ID&
         target = fbplugin&
         redirect_uri = MY_URI&
         fields = name, birthday, gender, email"
  scrolling = "auto"
  frameborder = "no"
  style = "border: none"
  allowTransparency = "true"
  width = "600"
  height = "280">

Not sure if that works but could be worth a try.

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