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I have a set of Book-Page(6794-47) range. Please note that page limit is not confirm.

Now I want to check the overlapping of book page range in multiple range list

Please check below example.

Below is my parameter range.

Start Book-Page Range ---- (21205-41) 

End Book-Page Range ---- (21206-1674)

and want to extract the overlapped ranges from a range list Range List e.g

21206-974 to 21206-5196 (overlapping since page 974 lies between parameter range)
21206-1974 to 21206-5196 (not overlapping)

21207-74 to 21207-193 (not overlapping)

21204-71 to 21205-100   (overlapping since page 100 lies between parameter range)
21205-31-21205-59 (overlapping)

Now I need to get the all overlapping from list range. Please help me.

Regards Arun Bhandari

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What have you attempted? Post some code and we'll help you fix it. –  Bernard Aug 1 '12 at 2:42
What do you mean by "Book-Page(6794-47) range" ? –  CSharp Aug 1 '12 at 5:42

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If the pages numbers are in a list you can always do a union statement.

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