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I am trying to do something conceptually quite simple with a MODX Revolution 2.2.0-rc3 menu, without success.

I want to display an unordered list of children but include the parent. This is not possible using getResources without additional add ons.

Using Wayfinder, I have the following call:

[[!Wayfinder? &level=`1` &startId=`[[*parent]]` &displayStart=`true` &startItemTpl=`LinkedListItemTpl`!]]

The idea is that by creating a custom template chunk, I override the default, which displays the start page wrapped in an H2 tag.

The custom chunk looks like this:

<li[+wf.classes+]><a href="[+wf.link+]" title="[+wf.title+]">[+wf.linktext+]</a>[+wf.wrapper+]</li>

The issue is that it is not recognized, and the start page is still rendered inan H2 tag.

I've spent three hours on this issue and look forward to input.

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3 hours eh? I hate that, hopefully you just needed a fresh set of eyes, you are using the evo markup in your startItemTpl

<li[+wf.classes+]><a href="[+wf.link+]" title="[+wf.title+]">[+wf.linktext+]</a>[+wf.wrapper+]</li>

should be

<li[[+wf.classes]]><a href="[[+wf.link]]" title="[[+wf.title]]">[[+wf.linktext]]</a>[[+wf.wrapper]]</li>

if that's not it, you have checked the custom chunk name 'LinkedListItemTpl'? [also I don't know if that ! at the end of the wayfinder declaration does anything for you, I've never used it]

If none of that works, a trick I've used with wayfinder is to use a symlink type resource [linked to your first item] in the document tree.

-good luck!

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