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I am trying to post to a user wall using the Graph API. I tested using my own wall, and I have authenticated my Facebook app to publish_stream.

post_params = {

get_facebook_client()"#{user_fb_id}/feed", post_params)

I can successfully post something to my wall if I don't have the link parameter (containing our company url). If I include the link param, Facebook would still return the ID of the status update like {"id": "4804827_871793267189"}, like a successful post request, but post won't appear on my wall.

The above use the ruby gem rest-more, but this behavior happens when I hand code everything too.

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I realize that I can post any other link (even other subdomain my company url).

So I think Facebook will ignore posting with a link which the user have shared before.

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umm from looking at your code, if you add a comma at the end of link, wouldn't that fix the issue ?

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My bad, I was probably copying from console and left this comma out. But I think this is not the core issue – lulalala Jan 7 '13 at 1:49

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