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I'd assume this question has been asked to death, but I'm not finding anything good. What I'd like is a unified set of events that span devices. I know the mapping isn't always 1 to 1, but just something that covers the basics like:

  • ignores/disables hover events/styles on a touch device

  • maps a touchstart to a mousedown

  • similarly, touchend to mouseup

  • tap to click

  • etc...

  • maybe even touch, hold 1s, touchmove to dragstart...

I haven't thought through all the specifics. And of course device specific events like hover on a desktop, or swipe on a tablet, can't be translated and should just be ignored if not supported.

Anybody know of a library that will do this. Preferably an invisible jQuery patch.


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jQuery Mobile does exactly this, amongst many other things.

See their documentation on virtual mouse events, which:

... provide a set of "virtual" mouse events that attempt to abstract away mouse and touch events

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Thanks! I thought jQuery Mobile was a complete package with a ton of built in behaviors that I don't want. I'll take a look and see if I can just rip out their event handling. –  nicholas Aug 1 '12 at 5:21

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