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How many comparisons are needed in worst case if we have to sort 7 numbers each of 4 digit ?(Radix sort) Options are- 40,38,47,280 .

My solution-I have taken 10 buckets( 0 to 9)(linked list) . Then for every number for ith digit I have put it into Bucket corresponding to its digit's value. Then I collected those numbers into array back. This process is repeated for all the digits and thus my original array got sorted. Total number of comparisons= 10*4=40 (10 because I iterated through all buckets to look for corresponding bucket).

Now the problem is in the book by Timothy J Williams its given no of comparisons= no of digits* no of numbers * no of buckets= 4*7*10=280. I am not able to comprehend up. Can someone please explain how this came.

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