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Q1: I'm writing a regex in php and not successful. I want to match the following:

    so i would

if not then match:

    so i

and then:

    i would



Here is my code:

\b(so i|i would|so i would|(so|i|would))\b

Its only matching the: so, i, would, so i, i would .... but not matching the so i would?

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Order your regex correctly.

\b(so i would|so i|i would|(so|i|would))\b

Put the longest string to match to the left. The | is left-associative and hence, in your version Of the regex, is matching the shorter string.

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Just put it at the beginning

\b(so i would|so i|i would|(so|i|would))\b
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put longest pattern to left in the group: \b(long|...|short)\b
another solution: \b(so i would|i would|would|so i|so|i)\b
p.s. this is NFA regex engine feature, please refer to "Mastering Regular Expressions"

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