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I have a VS2010 setup project. I want to pass the TARGETDIR parameter to the Install custom action. /TARGETDIR="[TARGETDIR]" and /TARGETDIR="[TARGETDIR]\" are wrong.

So, what is the right method?

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In addition to the brackets you must include quotation marks and a trailing backslash:


MSDN link here.

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NO. I try it so ,but make no different. there is some words: Hello, After migrating from VS2008 post-build-events seem to fail in VS2010 because the macros TargetPath and TargetDir are wrong defined in VS2010. TargetPath and TargetDir seem to ignore the a customized value of "Output File". For intance, we set the "Output File" to "..\lib\mylib.lib", but the TargetPath is still "Release\mylib.lib" which is bogus. I hope, that this will be fixed in 2010, or am i missing something there? –  雪帅追虹 Aug 1 '12 at 6:40
OK ! /TARGETDIR="[TARGETDIR]\" is right! maybe Full path name must be in Double quotes some time. –  雪帅追虹 Aug 1 '12 at 9:19

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