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I'm kombu/celery setup that I've recently deployed. The tasks execute fine, but appear to run almost continuously rather than respecting the run_every attribute. Perhaps more oddly, this behavior only appears in production and works fine locally.

My looks like this:

from celery.task import  PeriodicTask
from datetime import timedelta, datetime

class FirstTask(PeriodicTask):
    run_every = timedelta(seconds = 30)
    # Do Stuff    

My includes

BROKER_URL = "django://"

import djcelery  

plus 'djcelery' and 'kombu.transport.django'in INSTALLED_APPS.

And in production I run python celeryd -v 2 -B -s celery -E -l INFO to start running my tasks. I had been following Chase Seibert's tutorial if that clears anything else up.

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How long does the task take to finish? And have you tried clearing your queue before trying it again (celery might not respect the run_every setting, if you have already tasks in your queue...)

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Ha ha: Purged 5625 messages from 1 known task queue. That probably has something to do with it. How do they pile up like that? – Chris Aug 1 '12 at 8:46
Did you try it with different intervals or different code before? Or did the task take too long to execute? Also if you have a lot of other celery tasks they could delay the execution of your periodic task (don't take the run_every interval for granted!) – Bernhard Vallant Aug 1 '12 at 8:54

why do you include 'kombu.transport.django' in your INSTALLED_APPS..? I thought celery and kombu are providing the same functionality.

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