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I've tried restarting apache and the cached pages still appear, so there must be a folder someplace. I don't have a 'public/cache', so what other places should I look? Is there a URL flag that could trigger this effect as well?

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You need to touch a file to have phusion clear out, like:

touch /webapps/mycook/tmp/restart.txt

See the docs

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Yup, that causes a restart of the site, which saves all the other sites from restarting. –  Adam Jan 26 '12 at 15:40

I'm in development mode.

I discovered I had to restart the apache service and clear the browser cache to get my changes to appear 100% of the time.

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First, have you cleared your browsers cache? You can do this through the browser menus, in options somewhere.

The next question I would ask is are you running the app in production or development mode?

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Ctrl+F5 will forcibly reload the page, and all it's linked assets.

It's kind of like clearing the cache for just that one page.

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