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I want to implement form based authentication in struts2.

My directory structure is :

enter image description here

My web.xml:

<web-app version="3.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
        <display-name>Example Security Constraint</display-name>
            <web-resource-name>Protected Area</web-resource-name>

    <!-- Default login configuration uses form-based authentication -->
        <realm-name>Example Form-Based Authentication Area</realm-name>
        <description> An administrator </description>


my login.jsp :

<form method="POST" action="j_security_check" >
  <table border="0" cellspacing="5">
      <th align="right">Username:</th>
      <td align="left"><input type="text" name="j_username"></td>
      <th align="right">Password:</th>
      <td align="left"><input type="password" name="j_password"></td>
      <td align="right"><input type="submit" value="Log In"></td>
      <td align="left"><input type="reset"></td>

action in struts :

<action name= "j_security_check" class="action.LoginAction" >
            <result name="success" >protected/index.jsp</result>
            <result name="error" > error.jsp </result>
            <result name="input" > login.jsp</result>


    public class LoginAction extends ActionSupport {

        String j_username, j_password;

        public String getJ_password() {
            return j_password;

        public void setJ_password(String j_password) {
            this.j_password = j_password;

        public String getJ_username() {
            return j_username;

        public void setJ_username(String j_username) {
            this.j_username = j_username;

        public String execute() throws Exception {
            if (getJ_username().equals(getJ_password())) {
                return SUCCESS;
            } else {
                return ERROR;
    public void validate() {
        if ((getJ_username() == null) || (getJ_username().length() == 0)) {
            this.addActionError("Username Empty");
        if ((getJ_password() == null) || (getJ_password().length() == 0)) {
            this.addActionError("Password Empty");

With this i am When i insert same loginid and password, yet i redirected to the error page..

Can someone give a good link for the same..?

The example should contain a protected folder, an action class for login..


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i don't think SO is a place to share code? better come up with what you have done so far and what issue you are facing? – Umesh Awasthi Aug 1 '12 at 6:25
actually m very new to struts and want to learn how to implement form authentication in it.. so i seeking for a start from a perfect example.. on internet there are a few but none is perfect for me. Some lacks with action class and some lacks with a protected folder.. can u help me out plz.. – codeofnode Aug 1 '12 at 6:31
i am not sure what you mean by protected folder? and what all you need? can u explain it a more? – Umesh Awasthi Aug 1 '12 at 6:33
the protected folder is any folder which have the protected jsp pages in it simply as resource.. – codeofnode Aug 1 '12 at 6:40
if you place your JSP in side web-inf even than they will not be accessible to the end user directly – Umesh Awasthi Aug 1 '12 at 6:52
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You will have to provide username and password combination that corresponds to a user who has already been created in the file realm of the GlassFish Server and has been assigned to the group of manager.

Here is a link on how to create a File realm.

Here is a link on how to create a jdbc security realm.

Here is a working example. You can check if it matches with your code.

Here is a link to better understand form-based authentication.

Hope this helps. :)


The idea behind form based authentication is that you write a JSP or Servlet that presents a form with the following fields and action:

<form action="j_security_check" method="post">
    <input type="text" name="j_username"/>
    <input type="password" name="j_password"/>
    <input type="submit"/>

When the form is submitted, the servlet container checks the credentials for you using the mechanism you've defined (e.g. JAAS). In your web.xml, you set the following:


This allows the container to locate the JSP or Servlet containing your form, or your error handling code.

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I think he is just trying to check the form submission and validation.There is no need for creating a db record etc just for checking your workflow. I am sure he will be adding those things later – anu Aug 1 '12 at 7:06
In form based authentication, the action that the form is redirecting to is not a struts action. So he can check the workflow by pointing to his own struts action – HashimR Aug 1 '12 at 7:10
Reason for downvote? – HashimR Aug 1 '12 at 7:10
Yes, but he mentioned that he is entering the username and password, in that case it should not be forwarded to error page. My point was that your post is not the solution for this problem – anu Aug 1 '12 at 8:08
+1 oops i got the original question wrong(mixed up with some other concept) – anu Aug 2 '12 at 5:03

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