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I want to differentiate between the Ethernets available on my system. Whether that's a LAN , Wifi or something created by VMWare. I am only intrested for LAN.

But when I am enumerating with following code:

     NetworkInterface[] adapters = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces();
     foreach (NetworkInterface networkInterface in adapters)

         Console.WriteLine("   {0}  ::: Interface Type {1} ::::ID {2}  \n", networkInterface.Name, networkInterface.NetworkInterfaceType, networkInterface.Id);

Now how do I differentiate as NetworkInterface.Description and NetworkInterface.NetworkInterfaceType are not useful.

Any other ways around?

enter image description here

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Look at using WMI to retrieve more detailed information about network adapters on the system. It'll tell you whether or not a given adapter is a wired network adapter or wireless, and if it is indeed a 'physical' network adapter.



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To find out if the adapter is a Wifi adapter you can use the MSNdis_PhysicalMediumType class in the root\WMI namespace.

Unfortunately the VMware adapters appear to Windows as if they are "real" physical adapters and have a MAC address and IP address etc so it's hard to differentiate those.

You'll notice in Windows if you run ncpa.cpl they all appear the same as physical adapters.



We use this in our Server Documentation Tool - XIA Configuration Server

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