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I am using Java & Itext2.1.7 for generating pdf and I have written the following HTML. But it is not breaking words when they are too long.

String td ="<td colspan=\"2\" align=\"left\" style=\"table-layout: fixed;word-wrap:break-word;white-space: normal;\"><b>"
                    + verylongwordverylongwordverylongword + ":</b></td>"

Can someone help me achieving this?

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break-word is a css3 attribute. Does iText fully support css3 when converting from html, it is hard to tell as the documents are closed –  Woody Aug 1 '12 at 8:45
Thanks @Woody, Due to your comment I actually got to know that IText does not support break-word. –  PVR Aug 2 '12 at 6:13

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Itext 2.7.1 does not support word-wrap : break-word property. Following is the link for that.


So I have manually break the words according to the no of columns of the Table and by taking assumption of maximum letters around 60-65.Following is the code for that.

public String getBrokenWordsForPdfGeneration(String longString, int cutIndex){
       StringBuffer mainStringBuffer = new StringBuffer(longString);
       String returnString = "";
       while(mainStringBuffer != null && mainString.length()>0 &&                              
mainString.subString(0,mainString.length()>cutIndex?cutIndex:mainString.length()) != null){ 
          if(mainStrig.subString(0,mainString.length()>cutIndex:mainString.length()).trim().contains(" ")){
               returnString += mainStrig.subString(0,mainString.length()>cutIndex:mainString.length()).trim();
              returnString += mainStrig.subString(0,mainString.length()>cutIndex:mainString.length()).trim()+ " ";
    return returnString;
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