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I'm trying to develop a location based app using google places, but repeatedly get ZERO_RESULTS on every query. { "html_attributions" : [], "results" : [], "status" : "ZERO_RESULTS" }

I intially tried with the URL from my code, using the the lat and lon of Atlanta, GA: https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/search/json?location=33.7489,-84.3881&radius=50&keyword=coin|numismatic|silver|gold|dealer|pawn&sensor=false&key=

Then tried something a bit more generic and ubiquitous (Mickey D's) to no avail... https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/search/json?location=33.7489,-84.3881&radius=50&keyword=mcdonalds&sensor=false&key=

and then even more generic. This returns results, but erroneous (somewhere in Africa)... https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/search/json?location=33.7489,-84.3881&radius=50&type=bank&sensor=false&key=

I know my key is valid, since im not getting request denied and i know my structure is correct since I'm not getting Invalid Request. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thank you in advance

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Please be sure to reset you API key ASAP. –  saxman Aug 1 '12 at 23:39
@saxman thanks for the heads up. –  B. Money Aug 2 '12 at 3:38

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I am receiving one result for the first query, zero for the second and 20 for the third. If I increase the radius from 50 meters to something a bit more realistic like 5000 meters, I receive many more results on the first two queries.

I also noticed that you are trying to filter by multiple keywords which is currently not supported by the Google Places API and is also a likely reason to reduce the number and quality of results returned.

There is a feature request for this in the Places API issue tracker here. Please click the 'star' icon to be notified of future changes, and to let us know you are interested in seeing it resolved.

You should also never post your API key publicly as it is directly linked to your Google account and you are responsible for its use. Please login to the Google APIs Console and generate a new key to avoid users stealing your key and abusing it.

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Thanks for the info you are absolutely right about reducing the number of keywords. i just tried it with only one and got exactly what i wanted. Thanks again. –  B. Money Aug 2 '12 at 4:39

I tried your query with my API key and I get no response either.

I tried to increase the radius and still no result.

I have not used the keyword before, try using type instead. I don´t think there is anything wrong with your query, the problem is that google does actually return 0 result for that query.

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