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I have a table with a column called totalnames.This table has 10 rows.

Now i want to dynamically create table for this 10 rows with check box in my web page.Please send some good examples.

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You should try it your self first, SO will help you only when you will get stuck at some point. Remember God help those who help them self. –  yogi Aug 1 '12 at 7:29

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Sample Code : Dynamically create table, add cloumn, add rows

(1) create a new DataTable 
    DataTable dt = new DataTable ("Table_AX"); 

(2) Add columns to the DataTable 
    // Method 1 
    dt.Columns.Add ("column0", System.Type.GetType ("System.String")); 
    // Method 2 
    DataColumn dc = new DataColumn ("column1", System.Type.GetType ("System.Boolean")); 
    dt.Columns.Add (dc); 

(3) to add rows to the DataTable 
    // Initialize the row 
    DataRow dr = dt.NewRow (); 
    dr ["column0"] = "AX"; 
    dr ["column1"] = true; 
    dt.Rows.Add (dr); 
    // Doesn't initialize the row 
    DataRow dr1 = dt.NewRow (); 
    dt.Rows.Add (dr1); 

If you want to Copy DataTable include data try  

DataTable dtNew = dt.Copy (); 
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