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i have a doubt that how to split json data into strings.My intention is iam creating several textboxes dynamically and posting them using ajax post,to avoid full postback,here check my ajax part

function profileAndSectin_Submit() {
        document.getElementById("hiddenSection").value = i;
                function() {
                    var profileName = $('#profileName').val();
                    var Section1 = $('#Section1').val();
                    var dynamicData = " ";
                    for ( var m = 2; m <= i; m++) {
                        var textbx = $('#Section' + m).val();//"Section"+m;
                        var dt="section"+m+":"+textbx;
                        //var txtbxval = document.getElementsByName(textbx).value;
                        var x =  textbx ;
                        if (m <= m - 1) {
                            x + " ";
                        dynamicData = dynamicData +dt+",";
                        //dynamicData = dynamicData +":"+dt+",";

                    var Data = "profileName :"+profileName+","+"Section1 :"+Section1+"," + dynamicData;



                        type : "post",
                        url : "addProfile",
                        //data : {
                        //"profileName" : profileName,
                        //"Section1" : Section1,
                        data :{"Count" : i,"Data" :Data},
                        success : function(msg) {
                        Error : function(msg) {

                    return false;

and iam sending these values to one controller ,the main problem comes into picture here,how can i retrive these data,if iam using @RequestParam("Data") String data then iam getting the total data as a single string,like


but i want each string like profileName ,Section2 and Section3 like that i want.

public class SettingController implements HibernateConfig {
    @RequestMapping(value = "/addProfile", method = RequestMethod.POST)
     //public String home(HttpServletRequest request,@RequestParam("Count") int i,@RequestParam("profileName") String pname,@RequestParam("Section1") String Section1,Locale locale, Model model) throws IOException
     public String home(HttpServletRequest request,@RequestParam("Count") int i,@RequestParam("Data") String data,Locale locale, Model model) throws IOException



so any idea guys?

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Use a JSON API/marshaller in Java to transform the JSON string back into a Java object. There are dozens of such JSON APIs: Look at for a list of Java JSON APIs.

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In this particular case, a quick option would be to call in your controller data.split(","). You will obtain a String[] with separated values.

In your example the resulting Array will be: {"ProfileName:profileName", "Section1:section1", "Section2:section2", ...}.

Afterwards, you can iterate over it and process it as you want.

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where should i use data.split(","), in controller or js – srikanth Aug 1 '12 at 9:20
@srikanth in your controller (I have updated my answer right now). split(...) is a java String class method. – jelies Aug 1 '12 at 9:36
@srikanth did this work for you finally? – jelies Aug 14 '12 at 6:53

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