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How can i connect Ruby to Mysql without rails? I want to use Ruby standalone to write pure ruby code to make web application. with no abstraction

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Look here

require "mysql"    # if needed

@db_host  = "localhost"
@db_user  = "root"
@db_pass  = "root"
@db_name = "your_db_name"

client = => @db_host, :username => @db_user, :password => @db_pass, :database => @db_name)
@cdr_result = client.query("SELECT * from your_db_table_name')
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Thanks, in this case i can connect to Mysql and use it and upload my .rb files on a web server and my app should work with no need for using Rails right? – RubyBeginner Aug 1 '12 at 7:46

install gem mysql (check that you have libmysqlclient-dev installed).

mysql =, user, password, database)
mysql.query("SELECT ...")

See the documentation for more information

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What about using ActiveRecord ORM?

require 'mysql2'
require "active_record"

  :adapter  => 'mysql',
  :database => 'database',
  :username => 'user',
  :password => 'password',
  :host     => 'localhost')

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
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Megas, thanks for your answer, Rails frustriated me, I wanted to use ruby just like the way i use PHP without any framework, only web server mysql and the ruby interpreter installed. is there is a way to develop website using this method like php? it needs templates, and i don't know how to create one, i embeded ruby code inside html changed the file to .rb or .erb nothing worked. i don't want to use rails or any framework i want to learn how to build from scratch using my own way. thank you for your answer again :) – RubyBeginner Aug 1 '12 at 20:15

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