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I'm looking for a command line tool for Linux that will allow me to convert UTF-8 plain text files to various formats. My problem is that I'm working on a secure company-specific flavour of Linux, so the tool can't rely on other packages, such as Open Office, being present. Does anyone know of such a tool?

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Gnu a2ps allows you convert from anything to postscript (designed for printing). Not exactly what you want but if you have utilites to display postscript files, you can convert them into pdf.

Another option is Gnu enscript which "converts text to Postscript, HTML or RTF with syntax highlighting". I'm not sure if it supports UTF-8.

Conversion into doc will be harder since it's a closed format. But I have in the past cheated by creating an HTML file with inline css and then renaming it to .doc. Worked back in the early 2000s. DOn't know about now.

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