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I have a scenario that a user may enter a format string to format some parameters. How can i determine that a format string is not valid based on specific count of parameters in .NET Framework (C#)?
Is there any method in framework to do that? or I must try a manual way?

sample situation:

string format = "test {0}, {1}";
var res = string.Format(format, 23);
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How about "{0}, {0}"? "{0:Z}"? Etcetera. It's a pretty unfriendly UI that only a .NET programmer could use. At least show a preview of the formatted result so a problem is immediately evident. If not from an exception then from the resulting string. –  Hans Passant Aug 1 '12 at 8:31
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You can use Regex in order to validate format of string, below an article on MSDN


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Parsing format strings is not always straightforward because of how escaped braces are counted (see documentation), but a regular expression and Regex.Matches().Count should be accurate enough:

string format = "test {0}, {1}";
var expectedParameters = Regex.Matches(format, "(?<!\\{)\\{[^}]*?\\}").Count;
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