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I do not do CSS, just now that is why I am having difficulty tweaking this.. I am having prob with my pop up that uses Iframe. In css there's style like this:

iframe {

it produces an html when page is viewed like this:

<div style="left: 404px; top: 75px; visibility: visible; position: absolute; overflow: visible; clip: rect(auto auto auto auto); " class="dialogPanel"><div class="">.....</div>

that's why no matter how I set the height in the code behind, it would not resize accordingly:

 profileFrame = new Frame(url);



but when I removed the min-width from the CSS iframe, it already resized to my wish.

Q: how do I not use the iframe style to this certain iframe of mine? I do not want to remove the min-width as this style is being used by all iframes in the application.

I tried removing it by using profileFrame.removeStyleName("iframe"), I also tried all other removestyle methods available but did not work. Any suggestion pls? thanks

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I believe to remember, that 'local' CSS beats 'page CSS', which beats 'included CSS'. That means, if you put the min-width into the iframe-tag and set it to '0', it might do the trick for you. –  ATaylor Aug 1 '12 at 8:16
the tag is generated (programmatically) and not html layout from a page from solution so there is no way I can do that. thanks –  user742102 Aug 1 '12 at 9:12

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You have set a class to this iFrame so try

iframe .dialogPanel {
min-width: 0px;

this will make only iframes with the class "dialogPanel" have no min-width, and will leave the rest with their min-width

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