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I have the code below which saves a sharepoint list to xml by using dataset. Below the code you will see the output in xml format.

There are a few things which I would like some help:

  1. How can I save the data together with the data type in xml by using dataset?

Example: The result that I would like to have or something like this, so that when I read the xml file I can convert them back to the right data type

    <Title **Type="Text"**>My title</Title>
    <RequesterID **Type="Number"**>1</RequesterID>
    <AdditionalRemarks **Type="Note"**>Additional Remarks </AdditionalRemarks>
    <DeliveryDate **Type="DateTime"**>2012-07-13T00:00:00+02:00</DeliveryDate>
    ...... and so on

2) Right now the root of the xml file is called NewDataSet. Is there a way that I can manipulate this before it is saved as xml? I would like to have control over how the elements are named.

-----Desired result--------



---- not like this ------



3) if the saving the data type is not possible can you show me good example how to convert it the data from xml string to the right type in sharepoint?

Code I am using

if($lists.List.Length -gt 0)
        foreach ($list in $lists.List)
            $listName = $list.Attributes.Item(0).Value


            if($myList -ne $null)

                 if ($myList.Items.Count -gt 0)
                    $spQuery = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery
                    $spQuery.Query = $query
                    $dt = $myList.GetItems($spQuery).GetDataTable()

                    $ds = New-Object System.Data.DataSet



The result I am getting

    <Title>My title</Title>
    <AdditionalRemarks>Additional Remarks </AdditionalRemarks>
    <MoreInformation>More qsd sgvfsdfsdf Information </MoreInformation>
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