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how do i set the multiple datasource to single dropdownlist?

        DrpPosition.DataSource = AdvertizeManager.GetList("", "", "", "");
        DrpPosition.DataTextField = "PNAME";
        DrpPosition.DataValueField = "ADID";
        DrpPosition.DataSource = CategoryManager.GetList("", "", "", "");
        DrpPosition.DataTextField = "NAME";
        DrpPosition.DataValueField = "CATID";
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You can use LINQ to easily solve this:

        var advertizes = AdvertizeManager.GetList...
        var categories = CategoryManager.GetList....

        // create your annonymous type
        var customAdvertizes = from advertize in advertizes
                select new
                    Value = advertize.ADID,
                    Text = advertize.PNAME

        var finalQuery = customAdvertizes.Concat(
            from category in categories
            select new
                Value = category.CATID,
                Text = category.NAME

And then just bind it to your DropDownList

    DrpPosition.DataSource = finalQuery;
    DrpPosition.DataTextField = "Text";
    DrpPosition.DataValueField = "Value";
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It's impossible but you can merge your datasource before bind.

Or you can use

foreach(var item in yourDataSourceComplete)//yourDataSourceComplete = List1 + List2
  DrpPosition.Items.Add(Yourkey, YourValue);
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