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I would like to use mayavi for 3d data visualization. I downloaded Mayavi module package, as well as dependencies VTK, wxpython, conjigobj. At compile time with IDLE, I have nevertheless a warning

No module named traits.api. I find that this module is distributed with Entought, so that I am wondering whether I can ever use mayavi without using Enthought distribution. Is there some free Enthought disribution available?

Thanks and regards.

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Generally you can use the library without the enthought distribution. Linux users usually install these modules using their package manager. For windows, there is python(x,y) which includes the enthought toolkits. The import scope however is misleading sometimes. In some examples it's traits.api, others read enthought.traits.api. You might want to check which one is true for your python installation.

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Thanks. Althought I am using python(x,y), import traits.api or enthought.traits.api are not working. how to remedy? –  antitrust Aug 1 '12 at 11:56
This is very confusing, in some examples they import "enthought.traits.ui.api" or "traits.ui.api". Does this import work for you? –  pwuertz Aug 2 '12 at 12:57
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